Consulting for our common future

Consulting for our common future

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How we help you transform

By adding knowledge and delivering interventions, we work towards balanced financial and sustainable results. We work along the lines of less, smarter, more. Which means, less use of resources, less environmental damage, smarter use of products and more value creation.

Less, smart, more

Future proof your business

How do you keep your license to operate in a fast changing economy, that is increasingly influenced by the availability of products and resources, high prices and attention for environmental issues?

Decrease your footprint

Did you know that using less resources, products and energy, helps you to prevent pollution and loss of bio-diversity, lowers the impact on climate change and that it also reduces costs?

Improved image and loyal customers

Do you recognise that customers are continuously looking for a better and cheaper option and that your position towards the environment has an increasing impact on the customers choice?

Eligible for green finance

Did you know that you already have to comply to various EU-regulations on sustainability, that there is more to come and that the EU made special rules to push companies to get green finance?

Meet your transformers

Katia Benabdesslam

Katia Benabdesslam

Founder and Chief Engager

Katia is a true cosmopolitan and is fluent in seven languages. This forms the basis for her international oriented business activities. She has been working in off-shoring and renewable energy and runs a company in matchmaking for green tech start-ups. As business diver she now helps companies to make the transition towards a sustainable future. Her responsibilities are Sales, Marketing and sourcing the projects.

Roel Remkes

Roel Remkes

Founder and Chief Constructor

Roel has been active in the field of sustainability since 1998 and has a professional background in IT consulting, delivery management and organisational change. This in a wide variety of industries. Now he uses his knowledge for the sustainable transition of organizations. He is well structured, focussed on delivery and his humour keeps the process going. His responsibilities are Project Delivery, Business Development and R&D.


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