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Together we will find a starting point for your sustainable transformation and we will guide you through the process. We have developed a set of products, the Sustainable Transformation Models, that can bring you from zero to hero, with small steps and great visions. 

For whom we are creating value

The Sustainable Transformation Models

The Sustainable Transformation Models are a series of existing, well-known and proven business models. These models have been selected to support organisations who want to future proof their businesses due to social, environmental and economic changes. These changes lead to all kinds of challenges for businesses all over the world and in almost every industry.

By focusing on less and smart use of resources and products, we are able to help you balance your financial and sustainable results. In four stages, you will learn how to recognise and explore your sustainable challenges (create starting point) and together we will internalise and progress your sustainable transformation (guidance). Read more about your drivers below:

Beyond compliance

EU Regulations

EU regulations are one of the main drivers towards sustainability. Almost each industry is or will be affected in the coming years. To start on time, we are happy to support you to comply to the regulations applicable to your organiasation. We also can bring you beyond compliance.

Customers and suppliers

What we already see is that supply chains are changing due to sustainable efforts of suppliers and changing preferences of customers. How can you cope with these changes and where should you start? The Sustainable Transformation Models and its supporting products can help you to find a good starting point and bring you step-by-step towards your sustainable goal.

Close the loop

Value creation

Your personal impact

Do you feel the need to become more sustainable? Do you want to make your own impact and create value for your business? We are happy to guide you throughout the valuable changes that can fulfill your need. Please reach out to us for your personal impact.

Risk and continuity

Risk and continuity are two of the more prominent themes for organisations when it comes to sustainability. The pressure on critical raw materials, is ongoing and is visible for everyone. It leads to problems in availability and rising prices of resources and products. This poses a risk for organisations and can even jeopardize its continuity. Becoming sustainable can help you to mitigate these risks and can deliver the continuity to become future proof.

Organisation of the future

Industries we are active in


Shipping & Hospitality

Food & Beverages




Taxonomy Regulation

If you are not working within one of these industries and you have questions about minimizing waste, close the loop, eco-design or control emissions, please reach out to us. We will find a way to help you!

Future proof your business

How do you keep your license to operate in a fast changing economy, that is increasingly influenced by the availability of products and resources, high prices and attention for environmental issues?

Decrease your footprint

Did you know that using less resources, products and energy, helps you to prevent pollution and loss of bio-diversity, lowers the impact on climate change and that it also reduces costs?

Improved image and loyal customers

Do you recognise that customers are continuously looking for a better and cheaper option and that your position towards the environment has an increasing impact on the customers choice?

Eligible for green finance

Did you know that you already have to comply to various EU-regulations on sustainability, that there is more to come and that the EU made special rules to push companies to get green finance?


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