Increasing pressure on sustainability

September 18, 2022

Increasing pressure on sustainabilityIn this article we will give you three tips to avoid the increasing pressure on sustainability.

We share these tips because at Sustainable Transformers 🍋 we see more and more organisations that want, or are being pushed, pulled or forced to become (more) sustainable and get into trouble. That the pressure is on is a fact that cannot be denied. How the pressure affects you can be influenced.


Continuity is at danger

We have seen that the increasing pressure on sustainability can be destructive and avoiding the pressure is better for everyone.

Due to the fact that organisations feel the need or pressure to become sustainable, they sometimes start without good preparations. This is understandable, but dangerous. Working unprepared at sustainability issues can have unforeseen and massive consequences. When done without clear goals, a plan, knowledge of the basic ideas and possibilities of sustainability and its implications for the business, working at sustainability can do damage to the organisation.

In the worst case, the pressure on becoming more sustainable can get so high that the interest of the organisation itself gets out of sight. Which, in turn, can even threaten the existence of the organisation.


Especially the EU is Increasing pressure on sustainability

In an earlier insight we introduced the complex EU-regulations for sustainability. These regulations are one of main sources of the increasing pressure on sustainability. IT works from various perspectives. The EU-regulations can have direct implications on your organisation, but also through the supply chain, customers, green finance and general opinion of the people.

If you want to know more about EU-regulations and sustainability, read the insight or contact us.


It is just another change

In becoming sustainable, it is essential not to rush into measures. For organisations becoming sustainable is a change process like any other change process. Thus, for a change to take place and to be sustainable in itself, it needs time, understanding of the situation and interventions that fit the specific characteristics of that organisation.

More importantly, for the sustainable transition, the sustainable and financial results must be balanced. Otherwise, the organisation will get weaker instead of stronger and more resilient for the future.


Three tips to avoid the increasing pressure on sustainability

So the pressure on sustainability can be reduced by:

  1. Start early;
  2. Have a feasible plan (set expectations); and
  3. Balance the sustainable and financial results.

Following these three tips will not only help you to avoid the pressure, it will also strengthen your organisation in terms of stakeholder commitment, resilience and continuity.

Get in touch with us if your organisation can have some help to get started with sustainability. We have various products, like workshops,  to get you up to speed.


Get basic knowledge to begin with

To get some knowledge of the basic ideas behind the circular economy, we developed a one page document for you that is called: ”the flattened circular economy”. You can down load your copy here.


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