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“We believe that the responsible use of natural resources and products in closed loops will add to a cleaner world and healthy organisations for the future.”

Lower the footprint


“It is our mission to lower the footprint of organisations with tangible interventions”. – In a time where the future of our planet and businesses are at risk because of resource scarcity, pollution, loss of biodiversity, climate change, etc., we want to contribute by supporting organisations with their sustainable transition and become self-sufficient in their own journey.

Starting point for business change

Becoming more sustainable often needs a business change. In order to realise that you need a good starting point. Together, we will find this and we will build an organisation that is sustainable and profitable at the same time.

We are the starting point for sustainable business change.

Co-creation for the future

Co-creation for the future

Sustainable Transformation Model

STM stands for Sustainable Transformation Model and is at the heart of our way of working. We developed this model to realise tangible results related to issues with resource efficiency and the control of emissions.

In four stages we help you to: recognise, explore, internalise and progress towards becoming self-sufficient in the sustainable transition.


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